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Our Team

LVJI’s unique approach to research, policy development, and advocacy is made possible through the dedication of our team. Members of our board, staff, and volunteers bring together a special level of expertise, diversity, real world experience, and commitment to a re-imagined criminal justice system. The best way to identify deficiencies in the system is to listen to the lived-experiences of those previously incarcerated. We are proud to have this perspective represented on our board and through committee volunteers. These individuals give us an “inside look” of the most pressing criminal justice issues harming our community.


Meanwhile, our Long Range Research Collaborative is broadening this perspective further by conducting interviews with incarcerated and previously incarcerated individuals. The Research Team will also gain insight from lawyers, judges, and officers to gather multiple perspectives of our carceral system and how it may be re-imagined. With the help of these seasoned scholars, we can analyze these varying perspectives from an academically informed framework. This research data will be presented in a robust format which includes the individual stories of those in our community who have been impacted by the criminal justice processes. Our academics range in expertise from psychology, criminal justice, and political science. In addition, our team includes current and former Criminal Defense Attorneys and Civil Rights Attorneys, a former Magisterial District Judge and local grassroots activists. Together, our board members, staff, and committee volunteers make up the LVJI team!

2020 990-EZ Form

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